拥有千万豪宅是许多人的梦想,如何使梦想化为现实,如何在短期内聚敛惊人的财富,当手持万贯后,如何购得顶尖级世纪名宅...... 朋友,如果你想在这些方面得到一些启示,中国过渡政府悉尼办事处、中国联邦宪政革命党之友, 希望各界华人自愿参加“观中共前国家副主席曾庆红悉尼亿万豪宅,看中共官员如何敛财”的活动 。

据澳洲《悉尼晨锋报》(The Sydney Morning Herald)等多家媒体报道,中共前国家副主席(2003-2008),主管所谓公检法及特务机构的曾庆红,其子曾伟于2008年3月以3240万澳元(约2.5亿中国元)的天价购得悉尼世纪名宅(Craig-Y-Mor),其后又申请将该楼宇推倒重建,不过由于豪宅的历史和文物价值等原因,这项预算高达500多万澳元的重建项目三度申请被拒,后终于在2010年12月获准,此事一时成为澳洲媒体的热点新闻,“中共(国)新富豪”的“慷慨和大手笔”,着实让不懂得中国社会潜规则和真现实的老外跌破眼镜,也出乎许多中国人的常识意料。

曾庆红之子曾伟2.5亿元的豪宅   Wei Zeng’s mansion at 73 Wolseley Road, Point Piper

曾宅鸟瞰图   Aerial view of Craig-y-Mor



当劳苦大众为争取自己基本的尊严和权益时,被逼迫的自焚跳楼,为何却唤不起那些“全心全意为民服务”官员们丝毫的同情心和良心?“屁民”们的疾苦和被逼无奈,在他们眼里都是“百分之九十九以上精神有问题” (北京大学孙东东 语)和“谁叫你不幸生在了中国”(所谓中科院院士何祚庥 语);






1.私宅位于悉尼Point Piper 区,73 Wolseley Road路;
3.观摩期限:自2011年2 月26 日开始 ;
4.联系办法:[email protected]

中国过渡政府悉尼办事处 主任龚正东
中国联邦宪政革命党之友 负责人 赵珮珩


相关信息连接  Please read more about Zeng’s mansion :


Proposal for

“Watching the Communist Cadres’ Luxury Property, to Understand How Corruptive Officials Enrich Themselves”

To own luxury house is a dream for many people, how to make this a reality, how to accumulate substantial wealth in an instant way, once money ready, how to pick up an A1 property…… If above mentioned sounds interested to you, here, the China Interim Government (CIG) Sydney Office and the Friends of China Federal Revolutionary Party kindly expect you to participate in the activity of “Watching Zeng Qinghong’s (former vice-president of the Communist China) AUD $32 Million Mansion, to Understand How Corruptive Officials Enrich Themselves.”

According to the reports from Australian media, which include the Sydney Morning Herald, in March of 2008, Wei Zeng (also known as Arthur), the son of former vice-president (2003-2008) of the Communist China , Zeng Qinghong, and Wei Zeng’s wife Mei Jiang bought the prestigious mansion “ Craig-y-Mor” in Wolseley Road, Point Piper, Sydney, at a price of AUD $32.4 millions, soon afterwards, the Chinese couple lodged an application to demolish the building , and replace it with a modern AUD $5 million version, their development plan not approved until late December of 2010. However, Zeng’s big deal has really made himself a big news in Australia and around the world; It not only astonished the Westerners who got no much idea of the “unspeakable rules” and the true pictures in China, but also out of many Chinese citizens’ imagination.

When most Chinese still have to struggling for their daily needs, why the so-called “People’s Servants” (refers to the Communist officials), always enjoy a luxurious life? They not only remain super rich in China, but also in possession of millions of dollars and properties overseas.

When the working class has to rush around and pay bribes for their jobs, housing, children’ schooling etc, why the “3 Representatives” (refers to the Communist officials), without lifting a finger, they can earn in hundreds of thousands of dollars overnight?

When the vulnerable were forced to commit suicide for their basic Human Rights, why those in power never show even a bit of sympathy to the sufferings? Instead, the suicides, life-at-risk coal miners and the like, in the communist officials’ view, are “at least 99% of them got psycho problems” (Sun Dongdong’s words, a law professor at Beijing University) and “Who had ever requested you to be born in China?” (He Zuoxiu’s words, a so-called Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, but a shameful opportunist indeed.)

A so-called political party that all the time labeled itself as “the pioneers of the Proletariat”, why its advantages and merits only manifest at its members’ corruption and oppression to the Chinese people? Their achievements in corruption definitely deserve a gold medal in comparison with anyone in China’s history, even for the corruptive officials from Qing Dynasty (1644-1911 AD) would feel self-abased.

Being same as Chinese, why the destinies so different? Same as human beings, why we, Chinese, even today, can’t live same with Freedom and Dignity like the citizens in other democratic countries? Why the universal values--- Democracy, HHuman Rights, Freedom,etc, which our Xinhai Martyrs (1911AD) had struggled for with their blood and lives, still be far away to us? Should the Chinese people be the slaves and “Pi-Min” of the tyranny forever? (“Pi-Min”, a common insulting word of the Communist officials for general Chinese, literally translated as “a peanut as humble as a fart”.)

All these questions worth everyone who truly care about China’s future to think thoroughly, anyone with righteous mind should not avoid the questions either.

If We leave the Communist dictators and the anti-morality, anti-humanity, anti-democracy Chinese Communist Party running as it does, the Chinese people’s sufferings would never end, a real-meaning powerful China would never be possible, this is why above activity organized; The Tunisian people has successfully overthrown the dictator through “the Jasmine Revolution”, and the Egyptian people’s success at the Tahrir Square , Cairo, has awaken and encouraged millions around the world, we have no doubt to believe, that the Chinese people, China , where there have fathered many heroes in her Freedom-Fighting history, should and will make even great achievements in the foreseeable future , hence, we sincerely hope everyone who supports Justice to be in the activity and spread above thoughts; The Democracy and Freedom in China can only be accomplished through every Chinese’s effort, and the support from outside world as well.

At last, we’d like to remind everyone who intends to make a trip to Craig-y-Mor, to be aware of the following:

1. Address of the building: 73 Wolseley Road, Point Piper,Sydney

2. Private property is strictly protected in Australia, trespassing is illegal and will be persecuted , therefore, visitors can only watch
the building from a distance and should not cause inconvenience to the owner, if any dispute arises, it’s the visitor’s own responsibility.

3. Date of visiting: from Feb 26 , 2011

4. If any query, please post an email to < [email protected]>

Thank you in advance for your attention and support to the Human Rights in China, we look forward to seeing you to take part in the activity.



China Interim Government, Sydney Office

Zhengdong Gong (Director)

Friends of China Federal Revolutionary Party

Peihang Zhao (Director)




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